Storage unit rental has been a boon for most of the people who find it difficult to throw out some things and when kept in the home they clutter the house. Similarly, when people are moving from one place to another they prefer to unpack their possessions one-by-one to enable them to properly arrange the items in the new place. Similarly, you may have thought of storing your extra articles in a self storing unit and you must have decided a company where you will be getting all the facilities. But like all other hiring procedure you will have to enter into an agreement with the company for it. So while entering the agreement you will have to watch out for some things.


The agreement for the storage unit rental should be a written one and the first thing you must do is to read it carefully and understand what it means. The agreement may seem to be a flood of words but what you must be very clear on are the basics like rates for leasing, the due dates for them and how you are going to pay it. It will also be the duty of the manager of the facility to explain to you the basic provisions. If you feel that you do not understand any clause make sure to get it clarified by the manager. However, there are certain things that you yourself should understand.


The first thing that you should know about the agreement is that hiring charges do not insure your goods. The manager of any storage unit rental facility will convey this message to you and even if they do not do so, you must know that no insurance cover means any insurance cover in any form and that is the truth. All that you can do if your goods are precious is to get an insurance cover yourself. If you already have a homeowners policy and think that it will take care of your goods you are wrong. It does not cover goods stored outside your home and if you want to include it you will have to pay premium at a higher rate. So it is best to get yourself a self-storing contents policy at a cheaper premium.


If you are thinking of paying the rent on a monthly basis make arrangements for auto debit facilities if you can. How much lucrative the storage unit rental offers may seem to you, once you default on the rent the charges just seem to jump up and you end up paying more than what you have expected. So be on guard and make provisions so that you do not default even if you forget the payment. You can also give the credit card details and authorize the company to get their payment from the card company if you feel that they will not misuse the card information.


A very important thing that you must strictly maintain when using storing units is to check them. The storage unit rental organization will also ask you to do so and at the end of each inspection will ask you to make a report of the conditions of the goods. This generally is in the form of a declaration that you have found all your goods to be in good condition. This is not for the satisfaction of the company but also for you. A periodic inspection helps in having a tab on the condition of the goods and also on the condition of the service of the facility.

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